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From technique
to flavours

"Our company is like a bunch of grape.
It becomes stronger with passion, experience and quality.”

Sixty years of history developed ten high-quality labels for every moment, from simple one to a refined one. Fourteen hectares of vineyard created ten studied and advanced identities suitable for meals, in order to taste the flavours of the land: that was the origin of a reference point in piedmontese winemaking

Vinification is strict as the selection of bunches that make wines identifiables for their unique traits.

The terroir of La Morra allows a dynamic interaction with the operating factors and is essential to highlight the main characters of cultivation.

The bottle denomination are prestigious and typical of the area: Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Rosso, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo.

From 2003 the winery has a new production facility with a substantial work including three cru from the finest vineyard in the Barolo production zone, which takes in eleven towns in the Langhe Area: Barolo Brunate, Barolo Rocche and Barolo Albarella.

Barbera d’Alba, including Giada and San Giuseppe, Langhe Rosso and Dolcetto d’Alba, including Vigna Vantrino Albarella are varieties belonging to the range. The winery’s vineyards are Guyot-trained, an upbringing and pruning system which orients the plantation towards the aims it is used to be.

Tradition arises from care and passion. History is tasted